How to treat neck pain

Home Remedies for Pain

All of us are most afraid of the pain. The agony can be in any piece of the body, however the main torment which causes to feel great is work torment since it gives an inclination to become mother. Rest all the rest pains are irritating and annoying. Human body is very sensitive for any kind of pain. One can not tolerate the pain for a long. Home remedies for pain will help you to get rid of different kind of pains. All these remedies are natural and side effect free. You do not need to pay much for home remedies. All the material is available in your home only and is almost costless.

How to treat neck pain

In a very bad situation of pain, when you are not able not get any other medicines or do not know about many medicines, homemade treatments can help you heel your pain. They are very easy to prepare and effect very quickly. A common thinking about home remedies is that they take long time to cure the problem but the fact is these remedies are quicker than any other remedy. You do not have to wait for doctor; neither have you to roam to seek the medicines. Making some homemade medicines can solve your problem in less than a minute. Here we have discussed remedies for, leg pain, back pain and joint pain All these remedies are very helpful to get rid of pain.

Home Remedies for Backache:

The constant pain in back is called backache. There are many causes for backache. Some heavy and irregular exercises may cause backache. It can also cause due to lack of vitamins or some unregulated functions of body. Some home remedies are below for backache.

One should keep oneself warm if there is a problem of chronic backache. Eat the food which are hot in nature and avoid staying in a cool atmosphere for long. Staying in cold temperature of air conditioner should be avoided.
Garlic is very hot in nature. It is very effective to cure backache. Your daily diet should include garlic in it. Do not eat too much garlic, as it is hot in nature and cause internal heat in body which is harmful.
Guggulu is also good for back pain. This also has hot tendency, so keeps the body warm. Take half spoon of the guggulu after meals, twice a day.
Adding few things in your tea will not only increase the taste of it, but will also help you to get rid of the backache. Add five cloves, five black pepper corns and one gram of dry ginger powder in the tea. This will make the tea tastier as well as work as a medicine.
If you want more effective remedy for backache then you should try this one. Mix one tablespoon honey with half gram of dalchini powder. Take the mixture twice a day.
People who have backache, should avoid sleeping on soft or foam mattresses. Always prefer to use firm mattress. Do not face down while sleeping.

Home Remedies for Joint Pain:

Here are some best home remedies for pain in your joints.

Add papaya seeds in your tea and boil properly. Drink this tea in any event 6-7 times each day. This will help to reduce joint pain.
Warm up some oil and massage the area with this oil. This will help to reduce the swelling and give a relief from pain.
Turmeric is considered very effective for reducing pain. Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder with hot milk to treat joint pain.
Take some garlic cloves and fry them in an equivalent dentical measure of margarine. Let them be golden brown. Eating these garlic cloves will also help you to reduce joint pain.
A cause of joint pain is the low strength of ligaments. Carrot juice works amazing to strengthen the ligaments.

Home Remedies for Leg Pain:

If your leg pain is because of extra workout or tiredness, then a massage with warm oil or a steam bath may give you soothing relief.
Cod lever oil is helpful to recover the general weakness of the body and to cure all type of leg pains. Take two teaspoon of cod lever oil before meals.
Take 1-2 teaspoon fenugreek powder with water, early in the morning. This is also an effective remedy for leg pain.
All the home solutions for torment given above will assist you with treating the body torments and feel good. These remedies are very effective. You do not need to make extra efforts to prepare them, they are all easy to make.

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