Home Remedy for Toothache

Home Remedy for Toothache

Pulpits is the most common cause of toothache, or pain in the region of the jaws and face. Pulpits is an inflammation of the pulp of the tooth. The pain often occurs when eating something very hot or cold.

If left untreated, the pulp dies and turns into infected, leading to the formation of a dental abscess. The pain from a dental abscess can occurs as a response to pressure on the tooth, and is throbbing and continuous.

Common causes of toothache are:
Dental decay.
A tooth fracture.
A cracked tooth.

Irritation of the pulp following dental treatment.
An exposed tooth root, which often occurs if the gums have receded or are damaged.

Prevention is better than cure hence it is important to keep gums and teeth healthy by eating very few sugary foods or drinks or preferably avoiding them altogether.

Brush your teeth consistently at any rate two times per day.

Is there a home remedy for toothache?

Yes, there are home treatments for toothache, on the other hand because tooth pain can be severe it is recommended to visit a dentist.

If you are affected by toothache follow any, or a combination of the treatments listed below.

Hydrogen Peroxide Home Remedy for Toothache

For a tooth abcess put a small amout of hydrogen peroxide in mouth in the area of the tooth - swish it around for about 5 minutes then spit it out and rinse with warm salt water. It may have to be done a number of times to drain the abcess, but this an effective home remedy for toothache.

Salt Water Home Remedy for Toothache
Keep the affected area well rinsed with salt water.

Hand massage for Toothache

Sit or lie down and ask somebody to press the fleshy are between the thumb and forefinger on both your hands- they should press both simultaneously for about five minutes.

Ice Cubes can help Toothache

Rub the palm of your hand with ice cubes.

Reflexology for Toothache
Reflexology is very good for toothache- if you are desperate and unable to get to a professional reflexology find any sore spots by massaging each hand in turn. Massage the sore spots away, little by little, until they have gone. You will find the toothache has disappeared too.

Green Tea for Toothache

Green tea can help prevent the pain of toothache. As it contains various compounds, like polyphenols and tannin, that act as antibiotics.

Brush your teeth consistently at any rate two times per day.

Drink the tea, and hold the bag against the tooth for 5 minutes.

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