Coronavirus LIVE Map: [Updated Every 2 Minutes] Live Stream Stats, Updates, Graph, World Map & Count

View the direct world map map for coronavirus around the world, broken down by country. See the number of cases, recovery and deaths in China, Italy, the United States, the United
Kingdom, and others around the world. Animation now! Stay healthy and keep a clear look


The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented global public health challenge. In order for governments, organisations and individuals to respond to it effectively, it will be vital that they have easy access to good, clear data and a good understanding of what can and can not be said based on the available data.

The mission of Our World in Data is to make the best research on the world’s largest problems available and understandable. While most of our work focuses on large problems that humanity has faced for a long time – such as child mortality, natural disasters, poverty and almost 100 other problems (see here) – this article focuses on a new, emerging global problem: the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus disease [COVID-19].

We present information on the number of deaths and cases; on why we should focus on how quickly those numbers double, not on the numbers themselves; on the prevalence of testing, and why that is important for understanding the disease; and what we can and can’t know about how lethal COVID-19 really is. We’ll also explain where we get our data from and why.

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