The common signs of nail fungus infection are

Nail fungus is also known as onychomycosis. It is a condition wherein your fingernails or toenails get infected by tiny organisms. More than two million people in Canada have this condition. The nail fungus comes in through the nails as they are the safest place to breed. It is most commonly seen in toes, due to the socks and the shoes being worn for a long time. As it becomes dark, warm and moist under the socks, it is the best condition for the fungus to grow.

The common signs of nail fungus infection are
As the fungus is not in the body, it is easily spread to other people through the air. The main causes of the nail fungus are damage to the nail or wearing tight shoes that pinch the toes. The people most likely to get this condition are those who share bathroom lockers, showers and pools, whose feet sweat a lot during the day, athletes, getting pedicure done from unhygienic salons and people who have low blood circulation.
The common signs of nail fungus infection are:

Color of the nail may chance from yellow to green.
The nail may get flaky
Collection of foul smelling debris under the nail
Thickening of the toenail to make it uncomfortable to wear shoes
Pain in the infected toe while standing or walking
Nail that Fungus Forever!
Once you notice any of the above signs of nail fungus, you can immediately use home remedies to avoid the spread of the fungus. Because nail fungus is highly contagious it is best to start treatment as soon as it is diagnosed. Here are some remedies involving ingredients present at home to cure the nail fungus:

Vinegar: Fill a basin with equal proportions of warm water and vinegar. It is a good choice to use apple cidar vinegar for this treatment. For about twenty minutes soak your toenails in the solution and wipe them thoroughly with a dry towel followed by a super absorbent paper. This remedy is most effective if done twice daily until the signs are not seen.
Oil: Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and fungicide. Rub the oil on the affected nail with the help of cotton balls dipped in the oil. Do this twice or thrice daily until the symptoms disappear completely.
Listerine: With the hype about staying hygienic, almost all houses have Listerine mouthwash in their washrooms. Soak the affected nail in Listerine for around twenty minutes. Doing this twice daily will eradicate the fungus completely.
Alcohol: Rubbing alcohol is very easily available at pharmacies. Soak the toenail with rubbing alcohol for twenty minutes, at least twice daily. Make sure you wipe off the alcohol completely using super absorbent paper towels.
home remedy for nail fungus

Nail Fungus can be unsightly

Hydrogen peroxide: Use a 3 percent solution for this purpose. Hydrogen peroxide can be found in any pharmacy in your area. Soak your nail with hydrogen peroxide for twenty minutes twice in a day to get the maximum result. You can also mix equal amount of this solution with water if you feel it harsh on your skin. Dry with super absorbent material so that it is completely dry.
All said and done, it is best to avoid the condition than to take measures for curing it later on. Try avoiding public showers and bathrooms, so that you can avoid fungus entering your nails. Use your personal nail accessories only. Make sure your salon uses disinfected clippers to cut your nails. As soon as you know you have nail fungus, get it checked by your doctor and start the treatment immediately. Try out these home remedies, they work very effectively for most of the people.

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