Home Remedies for Nephritis

The inflammation of one or both of the kidneys is called nephritis. The main role of the kidneys is to filter the blood and remove the excess fluid and also the unwanted chemicals. It occurs because of infection and autoimmune disorders that affect this major organ. It is seen that people having lupus are at higher risk to develop this medical condition. In rare cases it can be because of hereditary and 
although it may not be present in childhood but can be contracted in later span of time.

According to a survey, the ninth highest cause of human death is because of nephritis. In the condition, the kidneys excrete the much needed protein into the urine stream. This may lead to serious life-threatening symptoms and can be very dangerous.

Nevertheless, 60 percent of nephritis is resolved completely in adults and 90 per cent in children using home remedies for nephritis. However, the symptoms develop as the disease becomes worse.

Causes of Nephritis

The common and important causes of nephritis are listed below:

Autoimmune diseases

Acute interstitial nephritis causes are:

Myeloma which is a type of a cancer in the white blood cells that often develops slowly and affects the core of the kidney. This can however be treated.
Low blood pressure

Other possible causes of nephritis are:

Lupus nephritis
Autoimmune nephritis
Certain poisons
Certain metabolic disorder and medication

Symptoms of Nephritis

The common signs and symptoms associated with this medical condition are given below:

The urine may contain blood and albumin which are primary symptoms of nephritis.
The feet swells up along with the ankles and also the face becomes puffy
There can be pains in the kidneys which can be acute and extend down the ureter and lead to fever and a highly colored urine

Other symptoms of nephritis

Reduced urine
Blood in the urine
Cloudy urine
Joint pain
Reduction in the urine volume
Visual disturbances
Loss of appetite
The main aim while treating nephritis is to first cut down the inflammation and second control the damage which may arise in the kidneys due to the medical condition. The home remedies for nephritis can be a safest treatment for the medical condition.

Home Remedies for Nephritis using carrot juice and bananas

The simplest method to treat nephritis is by carrot juice. Prepare a glass of fresh juice of carrots; to this add a teaspoon of lime juice and a teaspoon of honey. Mix them well and drink it every morning in empty stomach.
The best fruit used in the treatment of nephritis are bananas. Bananas have high protein and carbohydrate content and very little salt which is highly effective to treat the medical condition. This is one of the common home remedies for nephritis.
Home Remedies for Nephritis using avocado and grapes

Avocado has a high mineral content but has low protein content. This is in fact a staple food for patients suffering from nephritis. This can be very useful for the treatment of nephritis.
Grapes has some natural and exceptional diuretic value that can attributed to their high contents of water and potassium salt. They also play an important role to ease away the kidney related problems as they have low sodium chloride albumin content. This is therefore the on of the best home remedies for nephritis.

Home Remedies for Nephritis using coconut water and vegetable juices

A good old home remedy for nephritis is the water of tender coconuts which are highly beneficial for the treatment of the condition.
Vegetable juice helps to remove the toxins along with other impurities that may result in the swelling of the kidneys. This should be continued for at least a week to ten days.
Cucumber juice, carrot juice and celery juice are also excellent for the treatment of nephritis.
Other fruits like peaches and apples are recommended for the condition. However, stuffs like chocolates, rhubarb and spinach should be avoided as they contain oxalic acid and can responsible for the inflammation in the kidneys.

Home Remedies for Nephritis using wild yam root and Epsom salt bath

Another method to combat the condition is by using wild yam root. This is taken in the form of dietary supplements which is an excellent natural treatment for the medical condition.
To improve the functioning of both the kidneys use hot Epsom salt baths this is ideal when taken every alternate day.

Home Remedies for Nephritis using herbs

Linseed is one of the valuable herbs which is helpful in the treatment of gonorrhea and nephritis and also reduces irritations of the urinary organs. This is excellent if taken in the form of tea on regular basis.
Another effective herbal remedy is parsley which also helps in treating kidney related problems.
Apart from all the home remedies for the condition, outdoor exercises and fresh air can all be beneficial in the treatment of nephritis and reduce the symptoms to a greater extent. If the symptoms and the condition become worse consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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