Home Remedies for Abortion

Home Remedies for Abortion

During pregnancy if you find drops of blood coming out of uterus, it may be a sign of abortion and precautions must be taken to prevent it. You should take rest and refrain from heavy mental or physical work. Do not get disheartened and try some simple and effective home remedies for abortion to prevent it with natural products with causing any harm to your baby.

Home Remedies for Abortion

Causes of abortion are as follows:

Deficiency of folic acids or vitamin C
Lifting heavy weights
Low-lying placenta
Excessive water
High drugs dosage taken for epilepsy or antimalarial preparations
Environmental toxins like arsenic, anesthetic gases, lead and tobacco, caffeine alcohol, radiation in excess amount
Minor trauma, internal examination in early months
Stress like financial problems, unwanted pregnancy, health problems and unstable marriage
Emotional upset or environmental change may affect the uterine activity causing miscarriage

Symptoms of possibilities of abortion are as follows:

Vaginal bleeding
Lower abdomen pain

Home remedies for abortion are as follows:

Home remedies for abortion with Amla, Liquorice and Lodh Path ani:
Grind 10 grams each of amla, liquorice and lodh path ani finely. Then add equal weight of raw sugar to the mixture. Take 6 grams of dose daily in the morning and evening. It will stop the bleeding and reduce possibility of abortion.
Home remedies for abortion with Acacia and leaf shoots of Banyan Tree:

Take equal quantities of leaf shoots of banyan tree and unripe pods of Acacia. Dry them in the shade and make a powder of the two. Then add equal amount of raw sugar to the powder. Take grams dose with milk for a few days. This will treat the dangers of abortion.
Home remedies for abortion with amla juice, honey and safflower foliage:

Mix a teaspoonful of honey and amla juice. Consume this every morning during pregnancy to prevent abortion.
Prepare a concoction from safflower foliage. Drink this and it will prevent all the possibility of abortion.
Home remedy for abortion with ascorbic acid:

Take Ascorbic acid with of dosage 6-10 grams for 5 to 10 days. It helps to treat abortion by reducing the chances.

Home remedies for abortion with hot and cold compress:

Apply a cold compress to the internal portion of the thighs, perineum and the lumbar region. This will help to prevent abortion.
You can apply a hot compress to the feet.
Home remedies for abortion using boiled milk, ground bay leaf, raspberry tea and nutmeg tea

Boil 1/4 teaspoon of ground bay leaf in 1/2 cup of milk. Allow it to cool. Take this twice a day to protect the foetus.
Drink raspberry tea regularly during pregnancy. It makes the uterus strong that shortens labor and harmonizes contractions. It is a natural cure for preventing abortion.
Drink nutmeg tea to help the uterus to contract. It will reduce bleeding after birth.
Abortion prevention remedies with Asparagus and ginger tea:

Asparagus helps to deal with problems related to women reproduction. It can treat susceptible abortion and infertility with other benefits.
Ginger tea helps to treat sickness during pregnancy and vomiting tendency without causing any harm
to the baby. It does not cause any kind of problem during delivery.

Herbs as natural remedies for abortion:

To prevent abortion take wild yam with herbs cramp. It will also relieve leg pains.
Herb corn silk also helps to reduce bleeding after labor and prevents abortion.
Add the herb thyme to your regular tea to help expel the placenta.
Also take cramp bark and hawthorn in the form of capsules.
Take lobelia, red raspberry and false unicorn to strengthen the uterus. Take regularly and it will help in shortening the labor.

Abortion prevention diet:

Take adequate amount of whole, live foods. Include fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, butter, dairy products, nuts, seeds, animal protein, yoghurt and sprouts in your diet.
Refrain from smoking as it deprives the body of oxygen.
Avoid alcohol as it is a major cause of birth defects and mental retardation in new born.
Avoid white sugar during pregnancy. It contains some chemicals that may lead to abortion.
Motherhood is a gift of God. Follow the home solutions for fetus removal to forestall it and bring forth your child securely. Home remedies comprise of natural products and ensures a side effect free prevention from abortion during pregnancy.

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