A List of Alternative Therapies

A List of Alternative Therapies

Alternative Medicine is best described as any practice to cure, heal, or alleviate illness or ailments which is not conventional medicine.

Therefore it is an enormous topic, but I have attempted to cover some aspects of Alternative Medicine here, and will be adding to the page frequently so please be patient if your query is not yet addressed here.

Alternative medicine (in my opinion) should be considered as a FIRST OPTION, and only when it fails and all other channels have been exhausted should harsh drugs and surgery be considered.

Below is a quick guide to the more common alternative medicinal practices.

A List of Alternative Therapies


Acupuncture means ‘needle piercing’. It is an ancient Chinese practice of inserting fine needles into the surface of the skin. The needles are inserted into specific points, depending on the ailment to be healed. The stimulation of acupoints restores the balance of life force or Qi within the body and health is restored.

 Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a method of learning how to put as little strain on the body as possible. Therefore alleiviating aches and pains such as Tennis Elbow, strained backs and sore muscles. The Alexander technique aims to re-educate us how to use our bodies with minimum stress and tension.


Apitherapy promotes the use of bee products for healing. Apitherapy has been used by the ancient Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians. It dates back almost 2000 years.


The sense of smell is one of man's five key senses, which can affect our moods and health in agreeable and unagreeable ways. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to restore balance both physically and mentally.


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian way of living which is assumed to prevent disease as opposed to curing it. The basis of Ayurveda aims to balance the energies of the mind, with healthy living, a good diet, and moderate exercise. Ayurveda means 'Knowledge of Life'.


Biofeedback is technique in which patients learn to use feedback and signals from their inner systems to improve their health and prevent illness.

A List of Alternative Therapies

Ear Candling

Ear Candling is believed to have been practiced as long as 3500 years ago. It involved placing a cone shaped hollow 'candle' in the ear. When the candle is lit, it acts like a chimney and impurities from the ear canal are sucked into the cone, relieving ear infections and earache, and also treating candida and ear fungus.

Fasting and Cleansing

Alternative healers have known for thousands of years that the most efficient way to cure ourselves is by using fasting and cleaning methods. Our bodies become clogged up by harmful substances in our diets, which eventually lead to organs failing to work properly. Fasting will eliminate any accumulation of waste from the body, revitalising the organs and restoring their ability to keep the body healthy.


Herbs are wildy used in alternative medicine, they are known to have potent properties for healing disease, and have been used by man for thousands of years to regain good health.


Homeopathy is a well know form of alternative medicine, it originated in Germany around the year 1800. It is a holistic practise which treats the patient as a whole, that works on the premise of 'Like to treat Like', for example Coffea for Insomnia and Apis (from the bee) to treat bee stings.


Couples interested in Hypobirthing learn how to use hypnosis, relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises to enjoy a painless and drugfree birth experience. Needless to say Hypobirthing is rapidly gaining popularity

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy involves placing strong magnets on certain parts of the body to realign the natural energies. Magnetic therapy is useful for reducing pain, slowing down degenerative disease and improving well being in general.


Naturopathy can be considered a form of medicine that uses only ingredients present in nature to bring on healing.

Ozone Therapy

It has been scientifically proved that many human ailments occur through lack of oxygen in the body. Ozone therapy is the use of ozone or O3 to increase oxygen levels and therefore heal disease.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a hypnosis procedure used to take you back to a previous life to throw light on your life and any situation you maybe in today. It is believed by examining past lives we can understand our characters better.


Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung) is a 3000 year old exercise routine. 'Qi' means air, and 'Gong' means to put great effort into something. There for one has to work at this ancient art to acheive perfect balance and harmony between the mind, spirit and body.


A reflexologist will massage your hands and/or feet. There are certain points on our hands and feet which correspond to each organ (e.g the liver, spleen, gall bladder etc) and other points which correspond to different body parts (leg, knee, eyes etc).

By massaging the corresponding point, a reflexologist can cure the diseased organ, by increasing blood flow and energy where it is necessary. Reflexology is another very old practise that has become enormously popular in the last few years.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is an ancient yoga massage healing technique. It is based on buddhist teachings of kindness and compassion. Thai massage uses medicinal herbs and poulticess, ans combines reflexology, acupressure and yoga stretches.

Urine Therapy

Urine therapy is the practise of drinking one's own urine to cure and prevent disease. It is thought urine is not a 'waste product' but an excess of nutrients your body did not require at the time.

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