Life is better with the natural cures

 Life is better with the natural cures

Herb has been around for many centuries and used widely by Chinese herbalists and Indians for natural cures and prevention.  Until now, with a solid finding found in the scientific world, people are finding that herb has many benefits for the body, which spark the popularity of herb usage.  

 Life is better with the natural cures
Any plant that is grown for medicinal, culinary, and sometimes for spiritual value is called an herb.  From an herb plant, only the green and leafy parts are mostly used.  The medicinal usages will differ from the culinary uses.  In fact, the properties of medicinal and culinary herbs are entirely different to be found on the same plant.  For example, culinary herbs tend to be more leafy and soft plants, while medicinal herbs tend to be shrubs or woody plants.

Culinary herbs are different from other vegetables in the sense that they are not used for cooking or eating.  Instead, they are used to provide added flavors when used as spices.
In the medical world, herbs have been proved to be effective not only curing a disease but also prevent certain types of diseases.  Further evidence shows that herbal medicines are highly effective since many modern pharmaceutical drugs contain the use of plant extracts.
In many of these alternative medicines, precaution should be taken before consuming one, even if it claims that it’s plant-based, 100% natural and completely safe. There are no products on the market that will advertise boldly that they might not be effective in some cases.  Those types of statement is usually found in the small print somewhere on the product.
Furthermore, in some countries, there is legal status that dictates what herbal ingredients used to make alternative medicines is legal and what is not.  For example, Ayurveda, alternative medicine from India believes that heavy metals are therapeutic.  The United States believes that a high level of heavy metal is unsafe to consume.  So Ayurveda medicines are unsafe and not FDA approved.
If you do intend to use herbal remedies, it is advised that you consult with your doctor first.  Keep in mind that herbal remedies can cause side effects just like conventional drugs.  The risk is even higher if you are taking a prescription or over the counter drugs in combination with herbal remedies.  It can result in you being hospitalized and in some cases, fatality.  This is why it is very important to consult with your doctor first even if are not taking any drugs.
Natural herbs are perfect alternative medicines to use with their natural ingredients and the many benefits it offers.  Like any other medicines, understanding of the drug’s usage and side effects should be researched first before taking it.  If you follow the guidelines, herbal medicines will benefit your body in many ways.

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