Herbal cure for the cold sores

 Herbal cure for the cold sores

In Western Europe, legitimate herbal practitioners widely use lemon balm for its therapeutic properties.  Various small scale studies in Germany have demonstrated that lemon balm leaves contain compounds with sedative, digestive, and antispasmodic effects.  Research has also shown that lemon balm has antiviral properties that battle herpes simplex – the virus that causes cold sores.  Highly concentrated lemon balm cream compounds, available in Europe, but not the United States, have been shown to speed the healing of herpes lesions AND lengthen the time between outbreaks.  That is fantastic news for anyone who suffers from the pain (and humiliation) of cold sores.

Treatment of sores

To kill the herpes virus, you need to apply the lemon balm extract or concentrate externally.  Drinking a lemon balm tea will not do the trick.  Lemon balm teas or homemade brews from the leaves will not be strong enough to be effective.  A good choice would be to go with a concentrated extract—you can find such an extract here for an excellent price.  (The price may seem high, but keep in mind, extracts are highly concentrated from many pounds of leaves).

Here is a very easy recipe for making cold sore prevention and healing lip balm.
COLD SORE Be-Gone Lipbalm

2 tsp organic beeswax
4 tsp organic coconut oil
1 vitamin E capsule (optional)
2-3 drops lemon balm extract
Directions:  Melt Beeswax and Coconut Oil together (I usually just do this in a glass dish in the microwave, then let cool for a bit and add vitamin E and lemon balm extract.  Pour into lip balm tubes or a small lip balm pot.

Note: The softness or hardness of the lip balm can be adjusted by adding more or less beeswax. Also, the best way to clean out the dishes and utensils used in preparation is to wipe thoroughly with paper towels before getting all the oil and wax off before washing.
Enjoy your cold sore free future!

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