Types of herbal medicine

Types of herbal medicine

There are many positive aspects that herbal medicine has. Unfortunately, the lack of sufficient scientific understanding means a doctor cannot be held accountable for what is being prescribed and also the
safety factor that involves it.

safety factor that involves it.
Over the counter, medicine and prescribed medication undergo a rigorous test by the FDA before getting approval for sale.  This entire process ensures that every chemical in the medicine is safe to the human body and is well understood, documented, and scientifically demonstrable.
Herbal medicines are less complicated and because it’s all from natural sources, it does not need FDA approval or scientific testing.  With that being said, a person should take precautions before consuming it because some of the chemicals in the plant might not interact properly with the body and therefore, will result in serious consequences and even death.
So herbal medicines might be risky to consume but there should be no worry if you take the simple step of consulting with your doctor first.  A doctor has the knowledge of what herbs mix properly with others and if it is safe for the body.
With the internet full of websites selling roots and leaves grown in their backyards, use caution when buying them.  Make certain that the herb medicine comes from genuine herbs and not some imitation herbs.  Using the wrong herbs might possibly contain toxic chemicals that can make you really sick.

Here are some common forms of herbal medicines:
Head massages - Head massage are known to reduce stress and heaviness in the head or, in some cases, cure headaches.  There are herbs out there that help aid massaging of the head and help the mind relax.
Pills and capsules - The pills and capsules are believed to not be effective with herbal medicines because professionals in herbal medicines believe that the drying and crushing of the herbs rob them of their potency.  Other suggest to gain the most out of the herbal medicine is to consume it in its raw form.  If you are looking for a specific herbal medicine instead of a supplement, then you should not consider the use of pills.
Infusions - Infusions involve the use of different parts (leaves, seeds, and fruits) of a herbal plant to make the tea.  Some ingredients used are red clover, raspberry leaf, and comfrey leaf.  If using herbs instead of tea leaves, this type of infusions is known as Medicinal Strength Tea.  There are a lot of recipes available online for making Medicinal Strength Tea.
These are just a few of the different types of herbal medicines for you to use.  Depending on your preference and taste, you might want to try each one and see which one is right for you.

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