Safe and effective natural constipation remedies

Safe and effective natural constipation remedies

My favorite natural remedy for constipation is both safe and effective.
(The only case where it may not be safe is if there is a blockage in the bile ducts, and, in that case, it should not be used without first consulting your primary health care provider.)

Safe and effective natural constipation remedies

The remedy is very simple, and offers extremely fast relief. Take two tablespoons of olive oil, and drink them. It rarely takes more than 30 minutes to remedy constipation.

Occasional constipation is experienced by nearly everyone, it can be caused by a change in diet or routine, as many travelers have discovered. This remedy is widely available, and easily taken.

If constipation is a frequent problem, you should check with your doctor or other health care professional, as it may be a symptom of a medical problem, and should not be ignored.

Constipation may also indicate that you need to add more fiber to your diet, many of us eat much less than the recommended daily amount of dietary fiber. Consulting with a medical professional or nutritionist could provide appropriate advice.

The information presented here is not a substitute for qualified medical care. If
you have a medical problem, please check with an appropriate care provider.
I am not a doctor, and am not providing information misdiagnose
or treat any medical conditions. Please discuss with your doctor any natural
or herbal products you are taking or planning to take.

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